Interesting Health and Wellness Apps worth a Try

When was the last time you went out to play in the nearest park? With pollution levels soaring and technology coming into our lives, our physical activity has reduced to a brink. What is the need to go to a local grocery store or to a bank when everything can be done online? Oh really! And that’s the core of our health levels going down. While technology has its disadvantages, it has a lot of advantages also and it is upon us to get the maximum out of it and if you don’t know how, we will tell you here.

Here we have listed down a few apps, which you can use to remain healthy. Whether it is about buying right, eating right, exercising or sleeping right. Use these apps listed below to keep your mind, body and soul in order. Interested!

  • 1. My Fitness Pal – This is like the best of best Food tracking app. A lot of times we wonder what to eat, what not to eat and how much to eat as we don’t really know the calorie intake for each meal that we consume. This app does that for us. Just feed in the food you have eaten and here it calculates the calories you have already consumed and tells you how much more you can consume. It calculates using its inbuilt database that has nutritional information of a million of foods. Try this one for sure, it’s useful indeed for your weight goal.
  • 2. Sleep cycle/ Sleep ++ – We just can’t underestimate the importance of good sleep in our lives. Sleeping time means healing time. So, both these apps work well while we are at sleep as they track our sleep-cycle and tell us our quality of sleep, how restless was the sleep as well as the sleeping heart rate. Sleep cycle represents the sleep patterns using a graph making it easier for us to understand and also acts like an alarm as it wakes us up in the morning when it feels we are in the lightest sleep phase.
  • 3. Fooducate – How about buying healthy so as to eat healthy? So, this app goes one step ahead as it helps you make healthier food choices. It aims at educating people buy healthy products at a grocery store. Just scan the barcode of the item through the phone app and here you go, get the key information about that food.
  • 4. Headspace – Another important aspect of wellbeing is our mental health and what better way than to meditate. Not sure of how to go about it. Take its help. It starts with 10 minutes a day. Take 10 sessions and can take you to a variety of guided breathing and visualisation sessions and other calming sessions. Another interesting features is occasional notification that it send out to you at times to relax, breathe and chill out.
  • 5. Ticktick – Here is an app that acts like a checklist and reminds you a lot of health related stuff like taking your daily medication or remembering a doctor’s appointment. It’s like a To-Do list app. Keep doing and keep ticking until you are done with all.
  • 6. Healthtap – This is an app which connects you straight to real-time doctors when you feel uneasy and not fit. Pose a query on the app and get an instant online solution from a qualified doctor. That’s so good. Right?
  • 7. Fitplan – Always on the move with no time to gym. No worries, download this app and get customizable exercise sessions and meal plans. Alternatively, use Fitplan that offers a personal trainer at a nominal fee and get step-by-step training from them.